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Delve combat demos with a friend

1/25/11 -- me and Matt W. at Matt's place

Tentacle fight, take 1, me GMing for Matt using Delve rules:

Too many whiffs. Tentacle missed him, he missed the tentacle or only scratched it. Why doesn't this happen in my home game? Is it because, with 3 PCs, something will inevitably go wrong for one of them, forcing the others to react?

An edge case also came up, where I tried to introduce O/D fighting while Matt was trying to dodge and slash at tentacles. He chose to fight defensively, but I wasn't sure how that'd help his maneuver checks. This also hasn't come up! I think my regular players, used to O/D not affecting maneuvers, would probably have just gone offensive in that situation, the better to land nasty hits.

Tentacle fight, take 2, Matt GMing for me using Apocalypse World rules:

I made a roll, rolled poorly, and the tentacle grabbed me. I then made another roll, rolled well, and killed it. Done. There was no suspense, no evolving encounter with learning and re-strategizing. I complained of this to Matt, and he said that plenty of times in our game we've done tons of positioning to avoid fights, and "roll to win" is NOT always an option. Which is true.

But something still feels weird to me, as if the die roll creates the world. I think "you try, and you don't know why you failed, but you did," is a key experience to make the world feel real. If I know for a fact that (a) I only roll for stuff I have a chance at, and (b) any time I roll, a high roll will in fact achieve my aim, then the world is the machanics' bitch. The GM can tell me, "You can't do that," but can't tell me "Try it and find out if it's possible." The rules of when to roll and how to resolve give me information my character wouldn't have. (I actually had a chat here with Apocalypse World's creator which touched on some of these issues.)
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